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Pen and Ink Drawing by Cristóbal Torres Iglesias, O.P.

Watercolor by Deborah Griffin

From a series of eight windows at the St. Rose of Lima Chapel at the Zanmi Beni Children's Center, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


The Silence of Contemplation

Rosa, the Peruvian saint from Lima here called "Rose" so the children of Zanmi Beni can befriend her in their own language, prays under a starry dark blue sky that fades as it falls over the mountains.  This nocturnal peace, silence, and mystery help Rose teach the children of Zanmi Beni the centrality of prayer, the heart's silent communion with God.

Rose's hands are open in expectation: She waits in silence to receive, so she might have something to give.  This is the mystery that she comes to teach not only the children, but also those who love and care for them.  Rose invites us into the empty silence, so that like her, we might meet the eternal Word that births every word and work of justice.  Rose teaches by example, the silence of contemplation.

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